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Kind Words


Olga is such an inspiration to talk with. She is encouraging and helps you to become the best version of yourself so that you can have more joy, light, awareness and peace in your life.  She is thoughtful and very knowledgeable in the power of what a meditative practice can do for you.

Dr. Joanne Gordon


Olga has helped me overcome my ongoing complications with migraines by asking a lot of important questions and gathering the correct information for a solution doctors were having a difficult time with. Since working with you I have not had one! I am forever grateful for you and your precious knowledge I can’t thank you enough!


Pro Golfer & Mommy

Olga is a magnificent being who is divinely connected to source. She has a soft demeanor that welcomes you in and is a beautiful person inside and out. Olga has done the work on herself and knows what it is to push through obstacles. She continues to flourish and provide guidance to those she serves on her journey allowing her light to shine even brighter! ✨


Realtor & Mom

Every time that I’m with Olga, I learn something valuable in life. The most important lesson that I learned from her was that I should not doubt myself when I’m facing a challenge or desire; instead, I should ask myself “how I’m going to get there.” Through being around Olga she has ultimately taught me a lesson in continiously trusting in myself.


Biology Instructor

I have had the pleasure of knowing Olga for over a decade.  She became a regular client when I began my solo practice 4 years ago.  Olga and I have always connected on mutual interests we share in; the nature of consciousness, expanding our awareness, and learning how to live and feel our best.  Through our many conversations together, I have come to see Olga exemplifying many different things. First and foremost, she has developed a very strong and clear relationship to the wisdom and intuition available from within.  I have watched her transform herself into a finely tuned vessel for receiving the information available from the awareness of vibrations and subtle energy. Her discipline and dedication to meditation has been inspiring to witness.  Second, she has a voracious appetite for knowledge. She has been extremely active in seeking out experts and information and studying with dedication and active participation. Finally, she is a nurturing and compassionate woman and mother.  She cares deeply. She listens intently. She has a sincere desire to be of service and effect change for individuals and the global community.
Olga possesses the knowledge, the first-hand experience and the compassion to serve as a wonderful guide in a journey toward living with greater balance, flow and ease.


Massage Therapist

I have known Olga since 2003, where we met working for a large corporation. Even then, she was a natural nurturer of her fellow coworkers.  Over time our lives changed to include families, children, and the challenges there. We transitioned from career women to mothers back to career women again.  Along the way, Olga has been a sounding board about the challenges we face moving through these roles. Her encouragement to seek higher meaning in what I do helped keep me motivated as I launched my career in real estate, while also reminding me to stay grounded in other areas of life.  Olga has the ability to see in people their greatest strengths to help them see it too.


Broker & Mom